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Engineering Approach

High Performance Team

Successful products aren't just built, they're engineered by high-performing teams obsessed with quality and delivering impactful outcomes. We go beyond mere output – we focus on collaborative brilliance that drives innovation and turns your ideas into reality.


Great products aren't built in silos. We believe in fostering an interactive ecosystem of collaboration between you, your customers, and our team. This ensures a comprehensive and user-centric product development experience.

Continuous Learning

We believe the most impactful products are born from continuous learning and a willingness to experiment. That's why we foster a safe space for exploration where failure is a stepping stone to success.
Ideas to Stories

We know how important your customers are to you.

Surface your vision for  the product

Workshops & design sprints to understand the problem and challenges your customers are facing.

Journeys that show where you can take your customers

Navigate users' problems with user journeys that achieve good problem-solution fit.

Connect and co-create

Partner with your customers and build the product they really want.
Stories to Product

We're all about converting user journeys to product.

As our engineering team work with you on bringing your idea to life, we help you understand your customers even better. We gather continuous feedback in our development process and help align the product to better solve your customers' pain points. As a technical partner, we help in choosing the right technology to solve the problem and go to market as fast as possible.
High fidelity protopypes
Mobile and web development
Cloud & Devops
Agile delivery management

Our onboarding process

We want to learn about your product and idea. Understand the problem you are solving and the challenges in solving the problem. Together, we will identify areas and challenges we want to work on together.
We will identify the engagement model, expertise and skills required for building the product. Together, we will onboard the right talents and build a dedicated remote team or an extended team.
Meet the team
Meet the new team and make them a part of the product vision. Help them understand the problem we are solving and why we are solving it! Share expertise and best practices. Establish milestones, product roadmap, project plans and risks.
Build Your MVP & Scale
Empower the team to build the product by setting the north star. Build the MVP in the Agile Kanban model, and continuously improve with agile metrics. Experiment and learn as we build and expand the product.


All in one
Our engineers are experts across the entire tech stack, constantly seeking innovative solutions to deliver the best possible results for you.
Cloud & DevOps
Leveraging their expertise in cloud technologies and building cloud-native products, our engineers, alongside DevOps practices and product analytics, empower you to create highly scalable solutions.
Your success is our focus. We're a user-centric team obsessed with understanding problems, pain points, and motivations. Our expert designers translate this knowledge into delightful user experiences, guiding users seamlessly from initial concept to a product they love.

Still have questions?

We have (almost) all the answers


Do you build MVPs?
Absolutely! We offer two options to get you started: collaborate with your existing team on your MVP, or leverage our expertise to build a dedicated remote team for you. Either way, we're here to be your long-term partner, helping you grow your product beyond the MVP stage.
I already have a team. Can you help us expand?
Yes we can! To ensure seamless collaboration, our engineers will be fully integrated into your existing teams. This fosters close working relationships and allows for a deeper understanding of your company culture. We believe this approach leads to the best results for our clients.
We need an app to go with our website. Can you handle that?
You bet! We specialize in building user-friendly and engaging mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with your existing website. Our team can work with you to design and develop an app that meets your specific needs and enhances your overall brand experience.
I need a good product within a fortnight. Help!
Oh no! We offer you lots of hugs. Creating successful products takes time and lots of back and forth. While we can work on tight deadlines, we can't whip up miracles of that sort. If you have an urgent need, let's talk?


Can I hire you for a short project?
Absolutely! We're happy to tackle projects of all sizes, from short-term engagements to long-term partnerships. We understand that every business has unique needs, and we're flexible in how we can support you.
How much does it cost to build my product?
It really depends on your product. A complex product needs a large team and some products can run on a small team. Let's have a chat and discuss your ideas and we'll do our best, we promise.
Ready to dive into the possibilities?
There are two exciting ways to explore how we can bring your project to life:
1. Connect Virtually: Shoot us a quick email and we'll schedule a call where we can brainstorm ideas and discuss your vision.
2. Experience Innovation in Paradise (Optional): For a truly unforgettable experience, fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and meet our team in person for a hosted kick-off experience like no other! We can discuss your project over a couple of drinks, amazing culinary delights and enjoy a beautiful Colombo sunset together.
No matter which option you choose, we're excited to connect!

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